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Happy Birthday to Kay March,a great poet and a nice friend!:party:
Intimate MurderIn the depths of my heart
crawls inside
with a rush of warm blood
fluid and thin... red
a gate to nowhere
where anger resides, uncomely
a fearful creature, trapped in fire and amber
beyond the reach of human realms
carved in fury by a curve blade
There, I have planned
your murder so intimately
as whom declaims irretrievably
the shadows of the sun and the day
with every little piece of its former shape
the shape it had before you  
the inner me... shattered,
scattered across the darkness
of the entire universe, apart from myself
Forever moonless, starless... loveless
lost in letters of grief and ink poisoned
without any more magic, turned into a walking dead
soon to be dust... only nothingness
thirsty for vengeance, my quest and purpose
I'll never be a song, a dream dancing
I know that because of you... so if you die
if I'll murder, even the memory of your existence
make you to disappear completely, obliterated and forgotten
I'll get by...
© copyright of KAY MARCH
Another Kind of PoetryIt's been cold for quite some time...
winter closets leave reluctantly their well guarded warm clothes
for those unprotected shoulders that wished summer was still here
I don't care for the latest fashion desires, feathers in furs, or crazy umbrellas,
expensive dresses or smooth leather stiletto heels
I'm good with my woolen sweater and wind-cutter
fine in jeans and my feet thanks me for the dry socks and comfortable mountain boots
and though I forgot gloves, the pockets are big enough for my hands...
freely as I can - I walk the riverside line
Jancaradas exhibit a complexity of greens, filled with bags of seeds
as other trees lose their prosperity and colours
spilling their leaves to dance elsewhere,
the last autumn leaves...
golden jewels crystallize inside little pools
of this magic, made of falling drops of rain
where sparrows flinch and bath, mirrors of eternity
water fertilize land and cleans the sidewalk
nurturing poet's souls
Some trees persist, evergreen and glowing
catching e
Silence is a Golden ArtWe face each other, expressionless, wordless,
unchangeable... deathless
turned into something... something
that wasn't here a moment ago
something more... or less
a thing... that was once human
Always silently...
"silence is a golden art acquired only by few"
even thoughts, memories are quiet in this stillness
frozen somewhere inside ourselves, lost
and even every movement seems unreal, floatable
we are carriers of an unbearable lightness
Behind, we leave clothes and skins
with a sudden fearless, awareness
of the creatures we are becoming
shape-shifters, made of scattered weightless tissue
both locked inside the blue room
where stars and voids are born
Forged... light and darkness
ghosts in the corner, angered and amazed
look at us... no they are watching us
they know something we don't... they wait
weaves and wires are broken
slowly, a slice of millions of doors open
We face each other... apart and together
like we were before, always through time
the navigators that we were and are,
Windmill of CrowsI am exposed to its whispers
whilst the windmill speaks
whistling through
as ancient aztec pipers do
intertwining tissues, wood, stones
echoing in my bones
A sweet warm wind
descends the sky above
singing childish lullabies, as too
A sorrow cold wind
rises the cove
wishing my soul to grasp
The spiral staircase is there... at last
to my will to spin... as I must
to turn and win
as the wind that blows and blows
I feel a gloving wing that grows and grows
the windmill is now full of crows
the wind blows
with the crows
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.

Meet Me In Oblivion by Kay-March The Watchmaker by Kay-March The Clouds and Me  2012.10.25-1 by Kay-March
Wings of GlassCarrying wings of glass
every time they pass
nor birds or human kin
just lonesome creatures of the grim
to be heartbroken, they are waiting
in the blue dew that don't stops falling
shattered pieces in the morning
memories of tears or melted stars, glowing
as night skies drops
their dark veils
in earth's inclination
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
Between Mists of White and BlueI arise before the awakening dawn
with the trees movement in the life flow
and the prayers of the four winds,
as single oriental blow
the clouds are going... slow
with momentary soft showers
similar to the gentle cover dew
leaving the river's cradle,
almost walking through
kissing the last stars seen in the sky
The words glow the same way
as I am painting,
both paper and fingers smearing
layers of white paper - love and letters blue
the moon is a still pendent jewel
casted in mother of pearl
I keep whispering
to the white and blue paper, burning
as in a field of forget-me-not flowers bursting
the poem takes the shape of a heart beating
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
BANSHEE          She screams...
          She dreams...
for reasons long forgotten.
so many seasons went by wrapped inside the mirrors of time, all of them broken.
She stopped trying to catch memories and understand why
Her name was so often written and spoken with fear and shame,
as a curse or worse...
         She screams...
         She dreams...
white, black, perhaps without colours or in myriads of grey
in the dark when the lights go out, She may
have a present, a future and again, love
might even be confused with the legend of a dove
Her hair loose in the perfumed rosy air
a wild wing brought by the wind...
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
Cold... cold heart...You took the stars from the sky and went away with them
leaving just the darkness behind
and me... alone and lonely, surrounded by the long shadows
Even... Heaven in tears grieves its losses upon my shoulders
Yet... I can not...
my mouth and eyes are dry... I can not scream or cry
Let so be it... the sky will weep my sorrows as its own
in grander gestures than just... me
First a river... then a sea of white shores of salt and tears
"Cold... cold heart -  
says the non stopping rain, incessantly
dropping, so heavily
The sun comes up regardlessly
all its pain, cruising the horizon until the end
the rain keeps ever falling
Over my body - my clothes and skin freezing
and my dormant soul locked in time
refusing to wake
"Cold... cold heart -
says she, comely,
As darkness weaves threads and incantations
a voice distant calling far beyond the water falling
my name... spelled in the rain
"Cold... cold heart -
come and join me
I am dust but also the stars
© cop

The Trees and Me - Garden - 2013-04-04.2 by Kay-March The Trees and Me - Garden - 2013-04-09.4 by Kay-March The Clouds and Me - The River Tejo 2012.11.08-67 by Kay-March
The Crows We Once WereLie to me...
beneath this sky of stars, tinted
dark blue where all embers are forged
even though they are of fire... they are loved
words in olden languages casted
waiting to be uncovered, revealed
as if they were poems asleep
inside my own skin, buried so deep
Tell me... Free me...
Lie to me...
coming with the wind that the forest brings, eroded
leaving the flatted leaves behind, with spells tattooed
using my own veins pallid and haunted
to write what cannot be said, maybe, up-close whispered
breathed and delivered
as if they were secrets only known to crows
waiting on the wind-mill ceilings, the opening of the windows
Tell me... Free me...
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
ChangesWhat you see is what you get
is never enough for you... and you never let
me forget, with each breath
that I take... now, I'm aware and wide awake
Though is getting old, my face
is on the same place
where it's always been
and you're treating it like some kind of sin
running my skin
under your fingers and looking the other way
searching for more than just this... day to day
what can I say?
I can't change who I am... the things that I do
and make my heart work the way you need to
I can't change the facts, not will I want to
                      ...just to please you
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
Ancient SoulsAncient souls fall into it
with the compass of time
paused... harped by the silence
that only the void listens and uses
clepsydras made of music notes
waves... from the ocean to the golden sands
words... from my heart to this shore
tides...moving wrecks of lost causes
same as fallen stars... wasted comets
starved for the attention of alcyon feathers
I lay my hands down, leave to higher ground
and yet... my fingers assume the form of wings
writing the scarps with the winds
dissolving their colours in the air
storm clouds sulk in despair
using my broken pain
first...just drops... then heavy salt rain
puddles and ponds and rivers that sounds
wounded tear songs with no name
Ancient souls drawn into it
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
The Swallows Departure     I see
        the swallows
     to a
     far south
     my eyes
     can not,
        their shadows
     they are
     in an
        the hand

The Clouds and Me - 2012.12.22.1 by Kay-March Someone Else's Garden 4.1.6 by Kay-March The Wild Nature and Me - Tree Tea 2 by Kay-March
Desire to WriteSleep sinks into
the desire to write
tones of blue and silver sounds
The dream deepens
where the crystal waters go to drink
I leave them with my pain
unsubmissive pilgrim soul
to face the last abyss
I will, lay there my "feathers"
and finally sleep in these "leaves"
where, no one else ever
will open or meet "again"
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
Between Shadows  Beyond the endless whispering
  of long shadows
  rises a murmuring
  imperceptible... almost tangible,
  that sounds to my tired ears as cries,
  of ghostly crows
  that my eyes can not reach
  duelling through the breach
  and wounding the mists of twilight
  defying the night
  that grows... and grows
     my heart beats anxiously, wildly
     as a trapped creature beneath
     its fabric of frail human skin
     my lungs expand, exploding widely
     yet, I can not breath
     almost if air changed into some kind of mortal sin
     expelling ashes as a dying volcano
     eyeing the disappearing golden sun
     melting its amber glows into the ocean
     my bones are crashing also wishing
     for the dust wind, calling me... finally
Loom of WindWere...
hands of gods,
to the statues
of ourselves
that built this temple,
this loom of wind
Under its shadow
the daughters of men
weave tapestries,
fine garments,
precious tissues
made with the silk
of their lonely tears
No one sees,
not men
and certainly not
the new gods
the old ones
are long gone
their ways forgotten
All through
the cold Inverness
weightless on pale skin
fingers bleed and even disappear
on these improbable hair
with tired… almost blind eyes
the salt claims its costs
They murmur
in unison
what seems a lullaby
yet it is not
the rhyme keeps the balance
so they do not fall asleep
so they will not dream
Beyond the temple
and prayers
beyond time
always lost
beyond the loom of the wind
beyond themselves
and their sorrows
Better it will be
if they only seem to care
with the rows beneath their eyes
that never stop entwining lines
weaving tapestries,
fine garments
precious tissues
They have mouths to feed at home
and time here passes so slowly
the wind stays
Love Will Not Be Ever LostThe wind was green just like the sea
the ship and its sails... and I
an endless forest
The rain was blue just like the sky
the horizon and its clouds... and you
an unforgettable fable
We could be golden just like the sun
the core and its flares... you and I
a shore of galaxies blooming
We should be silver just like the moon
the shadow and its glimmers
a slider intermittent word
Fading away in the dust... yet never dying
though flesh will disappear
love will not... love will not be ever lost
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.

The Trees and Me - Street Garden - 2012-08.2 by Kay-March The Trees and Me - Street Garden - 2012-02 by Kay-March The Trees and Me - Garden - 2012-1.1 by Kay-March
Lay DownLay down,
your sweet head on my holland pillow
close your eyes almost brown
leave all your tears beneath the weeping willow
let yourself asleep
with the dreams you know
you can never have inside your silky sleeve
weightless as snow
The air is old, praying
for tomorrow
the black hole in my heart that wants to swallow
every landscape on my hands
where the night
still waiting for the light
Of souls, to follow
the wind
nearly a breath holy as a crow
distant as a left wing
now the prolongment of my hair, kissing
the dark side of the moon
your dreams grow and the stars bloom...
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
Soon... Very Soon...A voice says... insists
once inside the mists
there aren't any elongations to see in the darkness
no shadows to admire in the aquarelles of lightness
We both know
this isn't so
if we allow the fine-drops to be our own environment, our in love involvement
just water within water above the blood as our skin-garment
Like everything else that exists
and exists not...
beyond time making ellipses with the spider-webs filigree mazes
always busy, suspending souls on the hallways of Never, the mists glazes
The glass corridors reflect the portraits of ourselves
mirroring our faces on the grasses leaves
thousands of shades in just one paled gray
countless in each and every colour… in more than one way
As Life and Death delivers the Night
diadems of shadows and light
we can find telescopes in the mists to see into the dark
and infinite painted colours on the ethereal arc
I will be the first shadow that you will see
under the Moon
As you will be my last
soon… very soon…
ReflectionsThe house runs cold, inside without your presence
as the weather outside mourns your absence
the rain cries for me, as I can no more
my sweetest, faithful metaphor…
Deep in the dark corners, sleeping
silence slows my hesitant breathing
encrypting as it pales my new skin
bound to an unsuspected shadow, ghostly soul-twin
Not transparent but translucent as the different colours of souls
between the secrecy of runes and tattooed scrolls
dazed bird memories entangle my dreams
fatally showing me that reality is never what it seems
Coming and going
with a will of its own, a clash of thunders roaring
even... the stairs are to my eyes cascades
of sorrows and disillusionments where everything fades
At the gate, water conquers the landscape
the mountain falls into the mirrored lake
it looks like the house as it was once
I smile... as I sense its fragrance
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
Last Night's SongI have listened the murmur of the Night
almost silent
more lucid than myself
I have tried to crawl into its unattainable arms
pretending to be a meteoric storm
yet... my disguise was denied
I was recognized
I am back...
I am back on my own...
I am back on my own true skin...
I have tinted my skin into the moonlight's sea
singing with a nightingale's mask
yet... my disguise was denied
once  more I was recognized
I am back...
I am back on my own...
I am back on my own true skin...

I have looked for you in the mirror of the Night
flying through the rain within me
yet... my image was thrown back... back at me
I am back...
I am back on my own...
I am back on my own true skin...
                          all because (to be singed with a 3 time tuned echo)
I have listened the murmur of the Night

Balcony Garden Cactus After Blossom 4 by Kay-March Balcony Garden Gnome 2 by Kay-March My Sister's Garden Apricot Tree 1 by Kay-March

Green DawnWithout my awareness
         ... she comes
from the depths
of my cold and dormant sleep
gently lifting the white-blue veils
of such long harsh winter
where my dreams used to dwell.
Behind the mirrors of my eyelashes
         ... she comes
before old gods and their mists
leave over Earth a trail of jeweled dews
to which dawn reveals
a myriad of other treasures
rainbows of colours on curtains of greens.
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
Saying without... saying        The dew flies
        with the morning larks
        from time to time,
        a tear or two
An announced
filigree rain
in the breeze
at the distance
half clos
Winged CreatureThe winged creature
in my
nocturne dream
the dark sky
in its wings
of myself
in two
half red
half blue
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
Time Oddity         Time...
   Comes and goes,
   back and forward.
   It turns again and again.
   It changes its snake skin.
   It stays
   the same as always.
   A winter's coat left behind,
   hanging from an half open door.
         And I...
   I am standing,
   somewhere staring.
   I, on the mirror looking through another side of myself.
   I, the time traveller of nothing else... but me.
   The clepsydra's eye-glass,
   one sand face still gold...
   whilst the other already fades
   in the deep sea of my own memories.
Time Oddity
masked... as me

PROF LONG HAIR - LEAF EARRING by Kay-March The Animals and Me - Rabbitt 2012.12.25-1 by Kay-March
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:blackrose:"whiter shade of pale":yr eyes & yr fingers are goin through my body
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